Are Your Chances of Conceiving Greater With Morning Sex?

Are Your Chances of Conceiving Greater With Morning Sex?

Getting your wife pregnant might be a daunting task for men. Are you getting the right information? When are men most fertile? Here are some interesting facts.

Some couples get pregnant with hardly any effort, but for others, getting pregnant can be a daunting task. Men will get a lot of advice about everything – including when and how you should have sex. One of the most common pieces of advice? Have sex in the morning. However, is it true? When are men most fertile? Let’s find out!

Are Your Chances of Conceiving Greater With Morning Sex?

When are those little swimmers most potent?

The Science Behind Conception

Before we talk about men’s champion swimmers, let’s first get a better understanding of conception.

We belong to a group of mammals whose females have monthly cycles of fertility known as the menstrual cycle. To put it simply, a woman’s body prepares for a possible pregnancy at a certain time each month.

In her “fertile period” – usually about 12-14 days into the month – a woman releases an ovum, or egg, that dies within 24 hours. However, a man’s sperm can live for one to five days.

So, if you are planning to get pregnant, the “fertile time zone” you are targeting is from two to three days before ovulation to about a day after. If your wife’s cycles are regular, you can time it using various apps or even fertility strips. 

Sperm Fun Facts

In a study, it was found that the ejaculate that contains the sperm comes in two parts. The first part, containing enriching factors such as Zinc, has the most potent sperms, ready to fertilise the ovum.

The second part of the ejaculation contains chemicals that would kill any subsequent sperms, say from another male! This is purely evolutionary, safeguarding the passage of DNA. 

Whatever you do, ensure that the first part of the ejaculate is deep inside the vagina. 

So, When Are Men Most Fertile?

when are men most fertile

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that men are more fertile in the morning. Also, studies show that a man’s sperm count is slightly higher in the morning.

Couple this with the fact that men generally wake up with impressive morning wood — yes, there might be a slightly better chance at getting pregnant with morning sex. 

However, the key word here is “slightly”. So if some afternoon delight or nighttime romps are your thing, go for it. 

So what is the answer to the question “When are men most fertile?”.

They are most fertile when they are healthy and happy!

Rather than jumping your wife whenever you have morning wood, there are better ways to improve your chances of conception.

Here are the three things you need to ensure when you are trying to conceive. 

  1. Have regular sex. Contrary to common belief, studies have shown that abstinence for more than 18 hours does not increase the potency of the sperm. In fact, to make the most of a woman’s fertile period, you have a narrow window of a few days. So make the most of it, and have lots of sex. Don’t go overboard though, as it might not help. A constant supply of quality sperm is better than frequency. 
  2. Eat well, stay healthy. Smoking, alcohol, and food with high levels of sugar/salt are going to affect your swimmers negatively. So, eat healthy food at least two months before trying to get pregnant (a full sperm regeneration cycle takes about 64 days), don’t fall ill, and exercise. Regular exercise will also take the stress out of conception.
  3. Swap your tighty-whities for boxers. Temperature is going to affect the sperms negatively, especially in a tropical country like this. So, if you are even thinking about having children, switch to boxers. It feels oddly unsupportive at first, but you will get used to it. And man, you sleep so well in those!

Guys, this is a big step towards starting a family. I am sure you must have thought about other things, like finances, as you take this big step. So, don’t wait till mornings to increase the chance of conception, and don’t worry about things like “When are men most fertile?” Rely on those fertility strips and make the most of it! All the best!


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