Cheeky toddler sneakily swipes Prince Harry's popcorn

Cheeky toddler sneakily swipes Prince Harry's popcorn

She has the stealth of a ninja!

Prince Harry may be royalty, but there's one little girl who just doesn't care!

Last week, while the prince was enjoying the Invictus Game in Toronto, Canada, a sharp-eyed little girl sitting near him noticed that he was being distracted by the gentleman sitting next to him. 

So, the little girl - toddler Emily Hanson - decided to use the moment to stealthily sneak popcorn from the prince!

Harry and  Emily's mum were completely oblivious to the little robber, as she brazenly timed her popcorn snatches with perfection, from right under Harry's nose!

After the little girl had cheekily helped herself to numerous popcorn freebies, the prince finally realised what was happening. 

Rather than throwing a royal tantrum over the stolen morsels, the prince's reaction to Emily's popcorn poaching was heartwarming. 

He is seen pulling facing and joking around with the little one, showing that he is well versed in cheeky toddler ways - after all, he is uncle to one. His reaction also indicates that some day, he'll be the perfect dad, capable of handling even the most demanding toddler, much like his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton! 

Watch the adorable encounter between this cheeky little girl and the prince here: 

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