Tiger mother beat her adopted son with a skipping rope

Tiger mother beat her adopted son with a skipping rope

The reason for the beating? Because he lied...

According to CCTV News and Shanghaiist, a Chinese "tiger mother" was sentenced to six months in jail on Friday 20 November, for intentionally injuring her nine-year-old adopted son.

Earlier this year, online photos showed the boy with many angry red welts zig-zagging across his back and legs, indicating severe whipping.

The weibo user who posted the original photos wrote: "At the age of six, the boy was legally adopted by his foster parents in Nanjing. The abusive conduct was found out by the boy's teachers last year, but at the time the teachers thought it might have been an accident, so it didn't get publicized."

The boy's adopted mum and biological aunt -- surnamed Li -- has now confessed to beating the young boy with a back scratcher and a skipping rope because he “didn’t finish his homework and told lies.”


The boy has now been sent back to the family of his biological parents in Anhui Province. Li had originally taken the boy as her adopted son so he could be better educated in the city.

A video of the trial showed the boys saying he would "love to come back home with Li and he hoped he could go back to study and live in the city.


Li, in a statement at the trial, has said that she is not a bad mother and she just punished him for lying.

However, according to CCTV News, the prosecutors rejected the not-guilty appeal of Li by saying no matter how much Li cared for and loved her son, she intentionally injured him, and should take responsibility for her actions.

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