Stefanie Sun planning for Baby No. 2!

Stefanie Sun planning for Baby No. 2!

Stefanie Sun wants a second baby, and here's why!

Singapore Mandopop singer Stefanie Sun recently revealed plans for a second baby next year. The news came as a bit of a surprise considering that, previously, she had been very vocal about wanting only one child, saying it was “tiring enough”.

Stefanie, who will turn 40 next year, has been married to businessman Nadim Van Der Ros since 2011, and has a 5-year-old son. 

Stefanie Sun


According to Toggle, her son was responsible for this sudden change of mind. He wants a sibling, and often complains that mummy’s “stomach was not getting bigger as she did not eat enough.”

Stefanie Sun finds the idea that “babies came from one’s mouth” super cute and innocent. She also revealed that when it came to Baby No. 2, she had no gender preference. 

She admitted though, that having a second baby would mean more sacrifices. 

Professionally, she would have to slow down a lot. That would include suspending some work activities and postponing her tour until after the baby’s birth, and that might mean waiting for almost two years.

Apart from that, mummy Stefanie feels that raising a child is hardly child’s play. Apparently, she still argues with her son.

Thankfully, these mummy-son squabbles usually don’t last very long, and mummy feels that most of the time the little one was just trying to lighten her mood and relieve her stress.

Stefanie also revealed that she has never had to cane her son. Just threatening to raise her voice would be enough for him to behave himself. 

Last year, she wrote in her moving blog to her son,

“As I noticed his baby fat slowly leaving his cheeks, I treasure every hug (even if I had to remind him), every giggle and every “Mama can you sleep with me?” requests.”

“I also treasure every tantrum and that the different outcomes whether it be giving in or not budging, is out of love for meeting his desires or a lesson learnt.”

(Source: Toggle)

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