#StayHome: Online Grocery And Food Delivery Services Available in Singapore

#StayHome: Online Grocery And Food Delivery Services Available in Singapore

Get the freshest organic produce, seafood, poultry and meat, halal or otherwise through these options!

Circuit breakers are advising Singaporeans to stay indoors and break the chain of viral spread. Still, that does not mean you have to give up on conveniences that food delivery service Singapore can provide.

During the stay-at-home period, some essential facilities can promote safe distancing and other precautions. The government is looking into all the support measures needed. These include medical needs and household essentials. The food delivery service Singapore plays a major role in keeping the current mandates in place. Not sure where to find the essentials you need? Here are your go-to places!

Grocery Shopping Websites for Home Delivery

Your kitchen larder should be adequately stocked at these ‘indoor’ times. You will need to replenish both perishables and non-perishables from time-to-time.

Pick fresh seafood and animal protein from these sites.

  1. Kuhlbarra
  2. Songfish
  3. Tankfullyfresh
  4. Apollomarine

Order all fresh organic vegetables and fruits from the following.

  1. Marketfresh
  2. Purelyfresh
  3. Quanfaorganic
  4. Organicdelivery

Try out fresh halal products here.

  1. Mynikmart
  2. Adamhalal
  3. csfoods
  4. Haomart
#StayHome: Online Grocery And Food Delivery Services Available in Singapore

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Source the following websites to buy quality products when shopping for dry grocery.

  1. Fairprice
  2. Coldstorage
  3. Amazon
  4. Shengsiong
  5. Giant
  6. Redmart from Lazada
  7. Eamart
  8. Shopee
  9. Qoo10
  10. Opentaste

Sometimes you may need something a bit more specialised. When you are staying indoors, you may want to hone your baking skills or experiment with some unusual dishes. If you are looking for any premium and exotic foodstuff, these are the places to order. Of course, things will be delivered based on their availability.

  1. Ryan’s grocery
  2. The farmers market
  3. Sasha’s fine foods
  4. Best organic food
  5. The fish wives
  6. Hubers
  7. Nature’s glory
  8. Phdeli
  9. Sgorganic
  10. Little farms
  11. Green circle
  12. Yaya papaya
  13. Sgdeli and grocer

With a wide variety and various delivery options, these will see you through the months that you plan to stay indoors.

How can I better secure a delivery slot?

With the surge in demand for online deliveries, there could be instances where you might be unable to secure a delivery slot, despite the effort made into selecting your items to cart. 

However, with this web tool from Blaze Guard—a local community initiative—you will be able to view available delivery slots that are specific to your location.

Simply enter your postal code to view your available selections for delivery. Some of these grocery shopping sites include NTUC FairPrice, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong and EA Mart. 

For a better shopping experience, it also helps to plan your grocery shopping around vendors who can accommodate to your preferred timings.

Important note: While this facilitates a smoother checkout process, there is still a potential chance of your delivery slot being taken, due to the first-come-first served basis. 

Pre-cooked Food Delivery Service Singapore Offers

What if you do not enjoy cooking all the meals? Or there may be days when cooking is not an option. Ordering-in would be the ideal solution. Though many joints have closed doors during this time, there are still some very reliable food delivery options such as:

  1. WhyQ
  2. Foodpanda
  3. GrabFood
  4. Deliveroo
  5. AMGD
  6. Grain
  7. Hook Coffee
  8. Pink Society

Many of these websites have come up with convenient apps so that you may place your order without disturbing your workflow. Freshly sourced ingredients, local produce, seasonal produce and contact-free safety are the USP of these services. There are others too who are ready to serve freshly prepared food at your doorstep.

#StayHome: Online Grocery And Food Delivery Services Available in Singapore

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The present times may be tough and very different from our normal living. But health and safety come first. To abide by the latest health guidelines, you would need to have access to good quality, nutrient-enriched food. And all that is possible thanks to food delivery service Singapore has to offer to its citizens.

There are delivery systems that bring in the freshest organic produce, seafood, poultry and meat, halal or otherwise. There are options for getting you dry grocery from various sites, according to your choice. If you plan on something special, you can order premium stuff, based on availability. And if you are in the mood to order a meal, you have a handful of extremely mouth-watering choices. Do take advantage of the delivery websites during these difficult times.

#StayHome: Online Grocery And Food Delivery Services Available in Singapore

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