Former Singapore Prostitute Reveals How She Ended Up Marrying a Client!

Former Singapore Prostitute Reveals How She Ended Up Marrying a Client!

In a twisted fairytale of sorts, a former Singapore prostitute reveals how she ended up marrying a client!

It sounds like a pretty twisted fairytale of sorts…

At 29, Pamela Lim found herself homeless, jobless and half a million dollars in debt. She shares her story in her 109-page autobiography, Love Heals: How I Turned My Life Around. 

Finding herself in financial troublesLove Heals: How I Turned My Life Around

In 2004, Pamela’s event management business went bust and left her in $50,000 of debt. Desperate to clear the debt, she became the perfect victim to a get-rich-quick investment scam.

The scammer would repeatedly call Pamela at her new workplace where she was a receptionist. She had to leave her job because of the constant harassment. 

In her interview with Happiness Notebook, Pamela shares that she even stole and pawned her mum’s jewellery out of desperation for a few thousand dollars. 

“My brother was angry and took my house keys away. I was jobless, penniless, and homeless,” she said.

That was how she ended up becoming a prostitute. 

Her life as a prostituteLove Heals: How I Turned My Life Around

It only lasted 8 months and Pamela had 30 clients in total. Three men became regulars. She hated what she did but she still needed to get herself out of debt. 

Her lowest point was when she contracted gonorrhoea. A client had forced himself on her without wearing a condom. 

The turning point

Former Singapore Prostitute Reveals How She Ended Up Marrying a Client!

Source: Pamela Lim/Facebook

As fate would have it, she met her husband, Eric Lim. In her time of loneliness amidst men who only desired her for her body, the universe sent her a kind soul in the form of Eric. 

He gave her food and even sought out medical care for her. She felt obligated to offer her body to Eric for his generosity. Soon, the pair fell in love. 

But when her dad found out about her prostitution, Pamela attempted suicide by drowning herself in the sea.

It was a miracle that Eric found her at East Coast beach. She was rescued by the police and warded in the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

Upon her release from IMH, Pamela discovered she was pregnant with Eric’s child. She was hesitant to keep the baby but Eric wanted to keep the child. 

Love Heals: How I Turned My Life Around

Love Heals: How I Turned My Life AroundLove Heals: How I Turned My Life AroundHer life changed. The duo got married and had a simple ceremony with no wedding dress or frills.

Pamela was still in debt, and back then, Eric was only earning $2,000 as a technician and drove a taxi part-time to supplement their income. 

Since then, the couple have welcomed two more children into their lives, are living in a flat in Punggol and are still slowly paying off Pamela’s debt. 

Her book, Love Heals: How I Turned My Life Around was written on her 10th anniversary with her husband. 

After its release last year, Pamela said many have come up to her to thank her for sharing her life struggles and journey.

She says, “There’s no point regretting my decisions. Everybody makes mistakes, but having made that mistake, it’s about how you can stand up and move on.”

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