Singapore Home Intrusion: Mum Shares Horror Experience

Singapore Home Intrusion: Mum Shares Horror Experience

The thief even went upstairs near the kids' bedrooms.

A Singapore home intrusion is something we rarely hear about. But it happens. And it can be terrifying, especially when you see a complete stranger freely walking around your home. 

Kris is a mum in Singapore and recently she encountered what has to be one of the most terrifying experiences in her life. We invited her to share her eye-opening story with you, so that we all are reminded to never take safety for granted. 

singapore home intrusion

Singapore home intrusion: Have you seen this man?

Singapore Home Intrusion: A Nightmare Turns Real

Here’s Kris’ story: 

Yesterday we woke up to a scary situation. We realised that our house was robbed while the kids and I were sleeping during the night.

Fortunately we had video [CCTV] so we were able to watch him walk everywhere. My heart sank when we watched him leave the screen for several minutes as he walked upstairs… near the kids’ bedrooms. Unfortunately, our bedroom is on the top floor so I did not hear a thing with my door closed and aircon on.

After watching the intruder walk around in their home, Kris immediately called the police. She says: 

I must reiterate how wonderful the Singapore Police are! They came within five minutes of the call and were at the house for hours.

They took footprints, fingerprints and DNA samples. This is a story I wish to pass on. Please remember that although Singapore has Low crime, it does not mean no crime!!!

It shattered our sense of security but we still feel safe. I remind everyone to always lock up!!!! Please pass post along to remind people. Also, if you see this man please contact the Singapore police #besafe

The bold intruder had stolen iPhones, cameras, a computer, cash and speakers, which Kris and her family are still trying to locate. 
The man remained in their home for around 30 minutes. 
We at theAsianparent are grateful to Kris for sharing her story with us, and also happy that she and her family are safe. 

Home Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

As Kris mentions, low crime doesn’t mean no crime. So it’s good to check on some basic home safety reminders. 

  • Install CCTV. While it gives you a sense of security, it can also act as a deterrent to would-be intruders. 
  • Lock your doors and windows at night. If you must keep them unlocked/open, then install a grille. 
  • If you are alone at home with the kids often, consider having an alarm system turned on in the night that goes off once movement is detected. 
  • Save your neighbours’ phone numbers, or start a neighbourhood whatsapp group. 
  • If you live alone, or your partner travels often, leave a dog’s water bowl, or men’s shoes near the main entrances to give the appearance that someone is with you. 
  • Finally, have a plan and ensure your family knows it too. 

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