Childcare teachers stab kids with toothpicks to discipline them

Childcare teachers stab kids with toothpicks to discipline them

Teachers also warned the children not to tell anyone

Kids can be naughty at times but disciplining children has its limits, especially to kids entrusted into your care. Physical abuse in schools by teachers is uncommon but it happens.

Recently, we reported news of a childcare centre shoving spicy mustard into kids’ mouths to punish them.

This time, three kindergarten teachers decided to discipline children under their care by stabbing them with toothpicks.

Physical abuse in schools by teachers revealed

physical abuse in schools by teachers

In this case of physical abuse in schools by teachers, they were accused of stabbing the kids with toothpicks for very minor incidents. | Source: Dreamstime

Police are already investigating the case in Kubeiland Emile International Kindergarten, northeast China. As many as 15 kids were abused by the staff in question.

The children were stabbed with toothpicks when they didn’t manage to finish their food, did not dance properly to the teachers’ liking or were moving around during nap time, one parent lamented.

Another parent was concerned when she found out the kids were threatened with more punishments if they ever spoke about it to anyone. In addition, the teachers warned the children that they will know if they ever tried to speak about the abuse to their parents.

Other parents said the school knew about the abuse and tried to cover-up the incident. Some children who starting bleeding after being pricked by toothpicks, were quickly sent to the clinic to clean and sterilise the wound.

Some of the parents took photographs of the toothpick prick marks and obtained medical records of their children’s injuries.

Exposed by impressionable children

physical abuse in schools by teachers

The school is suspected of cover-ups in this new case of physical abuse in schools by teachers. | Source: Shutterstock

The abuse was brought to light by a parent, who found it odd when she caught her son stabbing other children with a toothpick. When confronted, he admitted that he was only following what his teacher did in kindergarten.

Police in charge of case has arrested three individuals related to the case and are conducting a full investigation.

The legal representative of the school has already released a statement to deny any abuse of the children, adding that the school has supplied CCTV footage that will acquit them from the case.

How to know if your child has been abused by a teacher?

physical abuse in schools by teachers

It’s hard to tell if your child has experienced physical abuse in schools by teachers, but here are some suspect signs | Source: File photo

It isn’t easy to tell when your son or daughter becomes a victim of abuse. He or she usually becomes more reserved because of the fear of what happens if they report the abuse. Mayo Clinic observes that abused children will usually feel ashamed, confused or blame themselves. Here’s some symptoms to watch out for:

  1. Avoiding friends or stops from doing things he or she likes to do.
  2. Behaves unusually more angry, aggressive, hyperactive or hostile than before, or does badly in school.
  3. Suddenly has poor confidence, filled with anxiety, depression or has new and unusual fears.
  4. Doesn’t want to go to school, or doesn’t want to come back from school.
  5. Rebellious, tries to run away from you or others, fights back and argues often
  6. Attempts to commit suicide or self harm

Take note that these are just warning signs. It doesn’t mean that your child is abused, but could be part of their character.

Speak to your children

Talking with your children is the best way to find out what’s really happening. Try speaking casually to put your children at ease so they will be more likely to open up.

Speak directly, and give time to listen and follow up. Don’t pin the blame on anyone first, and constantly reassure that they have done nothing wrong. The most important thing is to be patient – they shouldn’t have to be afraid of reporting any form of abuse to you.

If you have concerns or want to report suspected child abuse, call the Ministry of Social and Family Development Child Protective Service Helpline at 1800 777 000, or ComCare Call at 1800 222 0000.

Kids, if you seek help please speak to Tinkle Friend at 1800 2744 788.

Source: Asia One, Mayo Clinic

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