If Your Partner Suddenly Becomes Secretive, Are They Cheating?

If Your Partner Suddenly Becomes Secretive, Are They Cheating?

If your partner suddenly becomes evasive or tight-lipped about certain things, is it safe to assume they're unfaithful?

Communication is the foundation of great relationships. So, what if your partner suddenly stops communicating with you?

Yes, we are entitled to keeping some things private but how much secrecy is too much?

This particular topic is gaining momentum on theAsianparent Community as it's starting a discussion about whether sudden secrecy is a telltale sign of infidelity; most of the answers are leaning towards the belief that partners who suddenly become secretive are, most likely, cheating.

The user posted this question anonymously on the Q&A platform: "I am starting to lose trust [in] my husband. He always keeps secrets. He [doesn't] let me touch his cellphone. He [doesn't] want me to see how much money he has. He's not telling me where he's going. Is there a reason for me to get mad?"

Though there can be a variety of reasons for this once we know more about the context of their relationship, most respondents agreed that the partner in question may be cheating.

Despite doubts, reach out

If Your Partner Suddenly Becomes Secretive, Are They Cheating?

Ehtur A. believes she has every right to be upset, reassuring the anonymous user, "Yes you have the right to get mad especially if you're finding out his keeping secrets."

But he also stressed the importance of reaching out. "Have you tried talking to him? Maybe it's about time to reconnect with each other."

The anonymous user responded that she indeed tried asking him but she feels that he's not telling the truth. "I can feel it---instinct," she says.

He offered her a piece of advice to take time away from her spouse in order for him to realize her value as well as give her time to think.

Lorraine A. agrees with Ehtur. "Of course! By all means, you have the right to be angry."

But, she also suggests wooing him into opening up. "Try talking to him in a sweet way. I'm sure you know every move to keep him in a good mood. Start conversing with sweet words rather nag him. Let him see and touch your phone, let him see your paycheck in that way he knows that you are being open with him." Adding that "relationships are give and take; you cannot take what you don't give."

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