Nurse tapes pacifier in baby’s mouth to stop him crying

Nurse tapes pacifier in baby’s mouth to stop him crying

In this shocking case, in order to quell the cries of a crying baby, a nurse tapes a pacifier to his mouth almost causing him to suffocate! Also check out some awesome tips on how to soothe a sick baby.


Taped pacifier over baby’s mouth to prevent crying? Read more…

The ubiquitous pacifier, an innocent looking tool to pacify a crying baby became a weapon in a nurses’ incompetent hand when she allegedly taped it to a baby’s mouth to stop his incessant cries.

A taped binky
The incident reported in the Daily Mail UK, involved Mason Fellows, a premature four- month-old baby being treated for bronchiolitis at Stafford Hospital. A senior nurse had apparently found him with the binky taped over twice to his mouth. The shocking revelation was disclosed to his mother, Sarah, after he was discharged.

Cruel and dangerous
Visibly shocked and angry, she said, “I was tormenting myself at the thought that this nurse could have continued looking after Mason despite doing what she did to him.”

Sarah also highlighted the fact that forcing a dummy into a baby’s mouth can be cruel, but for a nurse to do it to a baby who was struggling to breathe through his nose was irresponsible and dangerous.

A nurse was allegedly suspended over the incident but has only admitted to failing to remove the taped pacifier after seeing it on Mason and has denied all claims of putting it there in the first place. Yet, the fact that she did nothing to relieve the patient of the choking hazard shows gross negligence on her part.

According to experts, taping a pacifier to a baby’s mouth is extremely dangerous and potentially life threatening. Especially when dealing with a congested baby already struggling for breath. The pacifier also serves as an obstruction and could prove a choking hazard if the baby were to vomit, especially since there is no way for it to take out the pacifier.

Not the first time
Despite the many risks of taping a pacifier to an infant’s mouth, there are still people who have resorted to it to quieten a screaming or fussy child. Some of these have even resulted in the infant’s death. It is important to remember never to resort to this method, no matter how stressed you are or how badly your baby is crying.

How to soothe a sick baby
There are other safer alternatives that you can try to soothe your sick baby, especially when they are crying incessantly.

  • Give them a bath – doctors recommend a lukewarm bath to calm your baby down and as the water evaporates it will cool your baby down, especially if they are having a fever.
  • Sing to them – the sound of your voice could soothe your crying baby, especially if you start singing their favourite songs.
  • Go for a car ride – the constant motion of the drive could soothe a cranky baby and soothe him enough to even drift off to sleep.
  • Drink plenty of liquids – this is important to keep them hydrated, especially since a sick child usually has no appetite to eat.
  • Do not over-stimulate your child and make sure he gets enough rest to help his body recover faster.

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