The ultimate multitasking survival guide for mothers

The ultimate multitasking survival guide for mothers

Here are 8 helpful tips to make the best of the little time you have and provide multicare for a healthy, happy family.

Behind every home is a Master of Multitasking, also known as MOM. Women are often known to be better multitaskers than men, but mothers take it to a whole new level. Perhaps it is the power of maternal instinct. In having to provide multicare (elders, husband and children) and ensure a healthy, happy family, a woman transforms into a super mum.

Here are 8 multitasking tips to make you a super mum:

1. Clean your shower while bathing


Leave a cleaning sponge and bathroom cleaning spray in the shower. While waiting for your hair conditioner or hair mask to do its job, you can take the opportunity to clean your bathroom tiles.

2. Make the slow cooker your cooking buddy

slow cooker

You can make nutritious meals ahead of time, such as Chinese soups or stews. All it takes is putting the ingredients in, leaving them to cook overnight slowly, and you’ll have a healthy lunch for the family the next day! Here are some slow cooker recipes you can try.

3. Use cling wrap for easy clean ups


Wrap art/handicraft tables or high chair trays in cling wrap so you don’t have to clean up the mess once your kid is done drawing, painting, or eating. Simply pull off the wrap when you’re done, and the surface below is as clean as before. It’s a real time and trouble saver.

4. Clean the house with your child in the carrier

cleaning with clean in carrier

We know there are times when your child refuses to sleep or be on their own. Instead of stopping all tasks, bring them along, literally. Think kampong style, but in a carrier instead of a sarong.

5. Read emails to your little ones


Your kids love a story, and you have tons of emails to go through. Why not make it story time for your kids by reading out the mean boss’s email requests in nasty voices? Your kids won’t know the difference, you’ll get your work done, and it’ll be fun for all of you!

6. Feed your kids messy, crumbly food in the bathtub, or down at the playground


Give them that delicious soft chewy cookie at the playground. Let them suck on watermelons in the bathtub, so they can get messy in one instant and wash off the stickiness the next. My mum did this to me and my siblings and to date, I can’t eat a cookie in the living room. There’s just no fun eating it indoors.

7. Breastfeed and work at the same time


Breastfeeding is great. It’s wonderful for your baby and you can even multitask by feeding on the go! That could even mean feeding your child under your nursing cloth while grocery shopping.

8. Freezer meals

freezer meal

Prepare a large quantity of food, then pack them and freeze them in smaller portions using ziploc bags or airtight containers. There are two options; cook and freeze (e.g. soup, stews, pasta sauce), or prepare your ingredients (e.g. marinated raw meat, cookie dough) and freeze them so you’ll be ready in an instant to cook them whenever you want.

Bonus tip: Use products that have multiple uses or functions. This generally saves cost, time and space.

Some examples are:

  • Baking powder, which can be used to mop the floor, clean the stove, remove tough toilet stains or clean your children’s toys.
  • Shower gel that is refreshing or energising, antibacterial, and moisturising to suit the entire family’s needs.
  • Darlie Double Action Multi Care Toothpaste, which contains  freshness and multi-benefits in one tube. Instead of buying multiple toothpaste to suit the family’s needs, such as whitening or gum protection, you just need one. Darlie’s multicare toothpaste helps to reduce oral bacteria and plaque, freshens breath, strengthens teeth, provides deep cleansing between teeth, prevents cavities, promote healthy gums, and whitens!


We know many mothers have some interesting tricks up their sleeves. Share your best multitasking tip that provides multicare for the family and you could stand a chance to win S$200 worth of NTUC FairPrice vouchers!

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