Teenager killed in accident, passerby steals his phone

Teenager killed in accident, passerby steals his phone

Instead of coming to the aid of a teen fatally injured in an accident, one passerby took advantage of him...

A teenager was killed in a tragic Malaysia accident, just a day after the world rung in the new year. The incident happened near a shopping centre in Johor Bahru.

Tragic Malaysia accident: What happened? 

An unidentified teenage boy was hit by a van when riding a motorcycle. The teen was still wearing his school uniform as he lay sprawled on the pavement, bleeding profusely from a head wound.
One of the incident’s eyewitnesses lamented how one passerby had the audacity to take advantage of the situation. 
“All of us were helping this boy when there came this guy who all of a sudden was checking the boy’s phone to call the parents, but he took the phone and ran away,” wrote Facebook user Harry Cyclone, in a post shared to the Johor Bahru Traffic, Crime & Community service report group.
The Malaysia accident didn’t mean just a death, but the robbery also made it a sad day for all of humanity.
How can can we, as parents, raise our kids to be humane, responsible members of society. How do we nurture them to be responsible and ethical adults?  
Malaysia accident

Image source: Harry Cyclone/Facebook

How to teach kids to be helpful members of their community

As parents, you want your kids to grow up to be like the helpful bystanders who tried to help the poor boy. 
Sadly, there are those who will think  of their own welfare when faced with situations like this. Ethics and morality should never take the backseat when it comes to emergencies.

Here are some tips, according to educational psychologist John D. Rich, to prevent your kid from focusing solely on themselves.

Foster other-oriented values and ways of thinking

To raise good and helpful kids, constantly remind them to act in ways that will benefit the world around them.

Encourage them to be a positive influence on others and to help those in need.

Strive to raise empathic kids

A truly compassionate adult was most likely taught early in life that it is important to understand how other people feel. 

This positive quality helps widen their emotional vocabulary and capacity. 

Encourage frequent perspective taking

Kids who place themselves in the “shoes of others” are practicing perspective taking, which is the result of empathy.

This skill improves their ability to connect with others and it is best fostered as early as possible.

Teach them that their ethical attitude should match their behaviour

There will be times in life when our principles don’t match our actions. But to raise a helpful kid, you must teach them never to give up on trying to achieve this balance.

At the end of the day, what’s important is that kids develop a deep love and compassion for others and for the community they are growing up in, even in the simplest of ways.

sources: Channel News Asia, Psychology Today

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