Kindergarten Teacher Gets Death Penalty For Poisoning 25 Children

Kindergarten Teacher Gets Death Penalty For Poisoning 25 Children

A toddler eventually died after spending 10 months in the hospital battling the illness.

A kindergarten teacher in China has been given the death sentence by The Jiaozuo City Intermediate People’s Court on Monday (28 Sep), for poisoning 25 children and subsequently killing one of them after launching a revenge attack against a colleague. 

Kindergarten Teacher Gets Death Penalty For Poisoning 25 Children

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Embroiled in Argument with Fellow Teacher

According to China Daily, the teacher Wang Yun was embroiled in an argument with her colleague in Meng Meng Kindergarten over student management issues. 

While conflicts in workplaces are sometimes inevitable, Wang who is based in China’s Henan Province reportedly added sodium nitrite, a dangerous substance into the porridge meant for her colleague’s students.

She was said to have previously bought the nitrite online prior to the incident and committed the act despite knowing that the substance was harmful.

Following the attack on 27 March 2019, children from the Meng Meng Kindergarten began vomiting and lost consciousness after having their breakfast.

Kindergarten Teacher Gets Death Penalty For Poisoning 25 Children

Image source: iStock

Of the children hospitalised from the attack, a toddler eventually died in the hospital after spending 10 months there, news reports revealed. 

Sodium nitrite is a preservative that is used for curing meats and has the potential to kill: it can increase heart disease risk and can be toxic when ingested in high amounts.

According to The Jiaozuo City Intermediate People’s Court, Wang concealed her reasons for the poisoning after committing the crime. 

Launched Similar Attack Against Husband

This is not the first time where Wang has poisoned someone with sodium nitrite, authorities said. 

In 2017, Wang added the harmful substance into her husband’s mug which left him with minor injuries. 

“The defendant should be given a harsher penalty, because she knew the chemical is harmful to people’s health, but still used it a second time after she saw her husband was injured in her first poisoning,” said the court regarding the similar repeat offence.

As for the children who have been affected by the attack, the court said that the kindergarten must provide compensation to their families. 


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