Incredible! Super baby climbs over gate twice his size

Incredible! Super baby climbs over gate twice his size

Hold your breath as you watch this baby climbing over a gate almost twice his size. Got a super baby at home? Then read on these safety tips!

We all know that babies are capable of surprising us with their antics. It could be a quirky habit, the way they do something very babyish in a very non-babyish manner, or just the way they gurgle and coo. However, when I saw this baby climb up a stairway gate, almost double his size, I was beyond stunned.

Is that even possible for such a tiny tot to climb with the dexterity of a trained professional? From the looks of it, there was an adult around to supervise his antic, which is a good thing just in case things went awry.

However, what if there was no one around and something tragic would have happened? Children are curious, alright. They love to go around looking for things, exploring their surroundings, putting things in their mouth, sticking their tiny fingers in almost non-existent crevices, pulling and pushing furniture, or just climbing up and down the stairs.  No wonder even the most harmless space can be a minefield of dangers for them!

Baby Proofing Tips

There are innumerable measures you may have to take to ensure baby safety in and around your home. Here are some safety tips that will keep your super baby safe, especially in a house with stairs or banisters. But again, these are just some basic tips that need to be kept in mind.

It’s always advisable to get a proper, detailed home safety evaluation and invest in safety measures that will ensure utmost care and protection for your super baby.

  • Avoid cluttered stairs: Children’s toys end up everywhere… right from the kitchen to the stairs. Make sure there aren’t any toys on the stairs at any time of the day. This is not just for your baby's safety, but also for yours. If you spot a ball, don’t keep it for later before you pick it up and keep it in the toy cabinet.
  • Small stairs? Still babyproof it. It doesn’t matter if there are only two-three steps to your stairs. Even slipping off a single step is enough to cause scary damage to the child. Ensure a safety door, irrespective of the number of steps.
  • Carpet those stairs: Wooden stairs can be slippery… irrespective of who is climbing up/down the stairs. The faster the babies run, the riskier it is. Consider carpeting those stairs. Even if they slip and fall, the impact would be a wee bit lesser.
  • Install childproof doors at stairways: Safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs should be securely mounted to the wall and have a locking handle that can be operated with one hand. Avoid having gates with slats. With little Houdinis around, such doors just spell trouble.
  • Banister posts should not be too wide. The larger the openings, the easier it is for children to slip through or get lodged. It is advisable to install a banister guard to avoid an accident.

It may look like a lot of trouble to go through for something that may not even happen. But then, isn't it always better to be safe than sorry? When it comes to babies, seconds are enough for something to go awry. A little bit of extra effort is anytime better than a lifetime of regret.

[Images courtesy: Youtube]

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Divya Nair

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