List of Holiday Camps in Singapore 2020

List of Holiday Camps in Singapore 2020

From robotics and coding camps to mindful yoga and nature adventures, explore these amazing options for your kids this coming holidays!

Your guide to holiday camps in Singapore is here!

With these special camps, with some starting from October this year to others leading into next year, you don’t have to go the extra mile for your child to experience the perfect holiday. Plus, the kids will get to take away something new while even making new buddies along the way!

We’ve rounded up a list of 24 exciting holiday camps Singapore 2020 from different areas of interests to cater to every child. 

Holiday Camps Singapore 2020: 24 Exciting Options For Your Kids

Science & Coding Holiday Camps 

List of Holiday Camps in Singapore 2020

Image source: iStock

  • Nullspace 

If your child enjoys robotics more than anyone, then Nullspace is the perfect place! Nullspace offers various classes to help enrich your child’s passion for robotics and coding while doing so in fun as well as creative activities. From LEGO robots to game developing projects and even text-based coding programs, your computer whiz kid can have the time of his life. 

Dates: November 2 – December 31

Price: $300-$380 per course (four sessions)


  • Saturday Kids
holiday camps singapore 2020

Creative Coding Camps for Curious Kids ages 5-14. | Image source: Website/Saturday Kids

At Saturday Kids, your child will find how to learn while having fun! This holiday camp encourages children to become more interested in learning and not to be discouraged whenever they fail. With no exams, no lectures, memorisations, your child can develop their coding through enjoyable classes. 

Dates: 23 November – 26 December 2020

Price: $530 (early bird prices till 25 October for five-day holiday camps)/ $590 (full price)


  • Coding Lab

With their belief that “every child should learn to code”, it is no surprise that Coding Lab is one of the best coding camps you can bring your child to. This holiday camp with its award-winning curriculum may be the best place to improve your child’s skills. Do not be intimidated by their programs for they ensure that all their activities are age appropriate and fun.

Dates: October 2020 to mid-January 2021

Price: $401.52 and above (early bird price)



If you have an aspiring junior engineer with you, has just the right program. This holiday camp offers tools such as Circuit Modelling to get your child started on robotics and coding through creative as well as innovative activities. 

Dates: Till 1 November 2020, 22 November 2020 – 9 January 2021

Price: Starting $80 per day


holiday camps singapore 2020

Image source: iStock

  • ripplecreate 

In line with today’s generation and the latest trends, ripplecreate offers technology programs with the application of filmmaking and A.I. and V.R. This way, your child can boost both their logical and creative skills. 

Dates: From October 2020 to early January 2021

Price: Starting $269 for a two-day camp


  • SG Code Campus

SG Code Campus has courses that this generation of kids can relate to. There are coding classes where children can learn to create their own games and mobile apps. 

Dates: October 2020 to mid-January 2021

Price: Starting from $325


  • Newtonshow Science Camp

Let your kid delve into a world of dinosaurs, volcanoes, F1 cars, along with experiments and fun challenges. Through their brand new science camp called “Whizz Bang Science”, children can participate in awesome and educational activities that will fill their holidays with complete science fun. 

Dates: Till 1 of November 2020, 22 November 2020 – 9 January 2021

Price: Starting $80 per day


Language Holiday Camps

  • Alliance Francaise
holiday camps singapore 2020

Image source: website/Alliance Francaise

Through Alliance Francaise, your child can experience French culture without having to fly off to France. This holiday camp lets children interact through fun and innovative activities all while communicating in the French language. 

Dates: October 2020 – January 2021

Price: $190 per week


  • British Council

Both English and non fluent English-speaking kids are welcome here! Catered to children aged four to 17 years old, The British Council camp offers two programs which both helps your child’s communication skills develop through fun activities including games, presentations, and even experiments. 


Winter Study Camps: 14 – 18 December 2020 & 4 – 8 January 2021

Holiday Study Camps: 23 – 27 November, 30 November – 4 December, 7 – 11 December & 14 – 18 December


$736 a week, with an additional $30 for two shirts. 


  • Hua Language Centre

The camp’s inspiration of Little Tien travelling around the world from the Tale of the Flying House is the sole purpose of all the fun activities your child gets to do while learning about all the cultures from different cities. 

Dates: 7 – 11 December, 14 – 18 December 2020 (9am – 5pm daily)

Price: $400 per week (activities-only camp), $500 per week (full day camp)

A registration fee applies for first-time students.


Sports Holiday Camps

List of Holiday Camps in Singapore 2020

Image source: iStock

  • KidsCamp Singapore

For a true outdoor camp experience, bring your child to KidsCamp Singapore. From sports and various active games, your child will be able to grow in a safe and fun environment. The camp includes fun activities that are abundant in exercise such as treasure hunting and obstacle runs. There is also a Soccer program that your aspiring little footballer will surely enjoy. With so much to do and so many games to play, your child will surely be busy in KidsCamp. 

Dates and schedule:

Kidscamp, daily, 9am – 3pm all year round.

Soccer programme available every Monday and Thursday from 21 September 2020, 5:30pm – 6:30pm.

Price: $450 a week (Kidscamp), $500 (Kidscamp soccer programme; valid for three months)


  • Singafit

Why let your child play only one sport when he could experience various others in just one camp. In Singafit, kids get to play different sports for every session such as football, gymnastics, laser tag, and rollerblading. This way, the fun never stops and children get to hone their active skills or even discover new ones.


12 – 16 October, 19 – 23 October, 26 – 30 October

9 – 13 November, 23 – 27 November, 30 November – 4 December

7 – 11 December, 14 – 18 December, 21 – 25 December, 28 – 30 December 2020

4 – 8 January 2021

Where: Locations in Bishan Park, Serangoon Community Park & West Coast Park

Price: $375 (morning or afternoon camp), $475 (morning and afternoon camps)


  • Play! Tennis
holiday camps singapore 2020

Holiday camps Singapore 2020: nothing better than to let little ones burn off energy while having fun. Image source: website/ PLAY! Tennis

Let your little tennis player hone skills while in the safety of a private indoor court! You can watch your child grow into a star player while training in an air-conditioned and comfortable space. 


23 – 25 November 2020, 30 November – 2 December 2020,

7 – 9 December 2020, 14 – 16 December 2020

Price: $180 for three days


  • Cosmo United Football Academy (CUFA)

Another indoor hall camp where children can come together in a safe environment and play a game of football. Cosmo United Football Academy offers holiday camps where your child can participate in fun competitions with other kids. They also get to experience learning from an actual coach as their staff include ex-Singapore League players. Let your child join now to gain a perfect hit goal!


12 – 16 October (hall, five days), 19 – 23 October (pitch, five days)

14 – 18 December (hall, five days), 21 – 24 December (hall, four days), 28 – 31 December (hall, four days)

4 – 8 January 2021

Drop off from 8:30am, camp from 9am – 12pm

Price: $375 (members), $425 (non-members)


  • ProActiv Sports

Lift up our child’s sporty spirit with ProActiv’s Multi-Activity Sports Camps where kids get to play together in fun competitions while also learning the value of friendship and teamwork. ProActiv is also open to arranging locations that best fit your schedule. 

Dates: October – December 2020

Price: Starting from $295


  • Sports Camps Singapore

Another camp that offers fun multi-sports programs for children while also located in sheltered centres. Sports Camps Singapore has three particular programmes that they promote which are the Teddy Programme for children ages 3-5, the Multi-Sports programme for kids ages 6-12, and the Teen Zone programme for teens ages 12-16. Campers get to play their favourite sports such as soccer, basketball, netball and more!


12 – 16 October, 19 – 23 October,

30 November – 4 December

7 – 11 December, 14 – 18 December, 21 – 24 December, 28 – 31 December 2020

Price: $350 to $495


Art Holiday Camps

List of Holiday Camps in Singapore 2020

Image source: iStock

  • ARTHause

Start your child’s creative journey with ARTHause’s holiday camps. Through various mediums, kids get to express themselves through art where they might even discover a technique or style for their own. The programme offers classes involving painting, sketching, and even the use of chalk pastel. ARTHause also has low student-teacher ratios in order for each child to receive enough care and attention.

Dates: October to January yearly

Price: $68 (one-day Art Jamming), $240 (Big Canvas Painting Programme, $315 (five-day Holiday Programme)


  • Impressions Art

In Impressions Art, your child does not only get to experience a full art programme but also enjoy outdoor fun such as pony riding, water activities, and nature explorations. Children get to express their creative side and also have fun with other kids in the process. 


23 – 27 November, 30 November – 5 December

7 – 11 December, 14 – 18 December, 21 – 24 December 

28 December 2020 – 1 January 2021

Price: $490 (half day), $680 (full day)


  • Our Art Studio
holiday camps singapore 2020

Holiday camps Singapore 2020. Image source: Facebook/Our Art Studio

Joining workshops can enhance your child’s creative skills and thanks to Our Art Studio’s flexible schedule catering to each student, this could be the perfect programme for your little one. The camp offers fun and creative activities including tie-dye, clay work, tote-bag designing, and also mixed-media 3D crafts. 

Dates: Camps are held throughout the year. Pre-booking is required.

Price: $50 to $200


Drama & Music Holiday Camps

List of Holiday Camps in Singapore 2020

Image source: iStock

  • Centre Stage

Centre Stage gives kids the opportunity to perform and sing their hearts out! Their holiday camps include Creative and Performing Arts programmes which can let your child star in such activities involving Drama, Music, Movement & Arts with themes that are typically connected to Myths & Legends or Around the World. Concerning the safety of the campers, Centre Stage ensures proper social distancing practices so you can be assured your child will be able to perform in a safe environment. 


12 – 16 October, 19 – 23 October 

23 – 27 November, 30 November – 4 December 

7 – 11 December 2020

5 – 8 January 2021

Price: $395 (four days), $445 (five days)


Multi-Activity Holiday Camps 

  • Outdoor School Singapore
List of Holiday Camps in Singapore 2020

Image source: Website/Outdoor School Singapore

For a real while also completely safe camping experience, Outdoor School Singapore can be the camp for your child. Children get to nature parks in Singapore and learn all about the world of wilderness. Kids get to have their own adventures as they gain basic survival skills and take part in fun outdoor activities.


Forest Scouts: 23 – 25 November 2020

Tall Timber: 30 November – 2 December

Wetland Wanderers: 7 – 9 December 2020

Price: $300 (excluding GST)


  • The Creative Square Company 

If you have an aspiring entrepreneur with you, The Creative Square Company may be the perfect camp they can spend the holidays at. With a team of entrepreneurs themselves, you can be certain your child will learn from the best. Kids can experience creative and innovative activities where they are encouraged to improve critical thinking as well as express their own ideas. A rule of only 10 children per camp enables trainers to build a closer relationship to each child while also maintaining proper social distancing. 


12 – 16 October, 19 – 23 October,

14 – 18 December, 21 – 24 December 2020

4 – 8 January 2021

Price: $550


  • Kidz Treehouse Explorers
holiday camps singapore 2020

Holiday camps Singapore 2020: kids can get to take part in programmes such as Mindful Yoga among other nature adventures. | Image source: website/ Kidz Treehouse

Let your child be one with nature through fun activities and outdoor explorations. Kidz Treehouse Explorers is a safe environment where kids can discover their inner adventurer and take part in fun social programmes such as Mindful Yoga, Exploration Time, Nature Adventures as well as Nature Mandala. 

Schedule: Saturdays, 8.15 am – 11 am

Price: Kidz Treehouse is offering special October Children’s Day Celebrations rates for Kidz Treehouse Explorers: from$38 for a single, first-time session (U.P. $65;), to $45 for subsequent single sessions (U.P.$65). Four-class packages at $180, $360 for an eight-sessions package


  • Lorna Whiston

With the belief that each child varies in terms of skills and capabilities, Lorna Whinston personalised her own camp programme where kids get to discover their own personal interests and attributes through enriching activities including English Explorers, Creative Writing, Game Design and many more. Your child will be able to grow in a nurturing environment and discover different sets of skills that you are yet to find out. 

Dates: 23 November – 18 December 2020, 9am – 12:30pm

Price: $450 


We hope you’ve enjoyed checking out this list of holiday camps Singapore 2020! If holiday camps aren’t what you’re looking for, why not consider these free online resources for kids?


Photography Workshop

  • Canon Imaging Academy
List of Holiday Camps in Singapore 2020

Image Source: website / Canon Imaging Academy

Let your child capture the world through a lens with this 1-day photography workshop for parents and kids! Both you and your child can learn about the basics of photography through this class led by professional photographer and educator, Bernard Teo. This 4-hour workshop may be the perfect bonding time with your kid as you capture every memory together. It is advised to bring your own camera but if you haven’t got one, DSLR cameras will be provided for adults and digital compact cameras for your child. 

Dates: 5 Dec

Price: $100 (1 Parent + 1 Child)


Lead image source: Website/Saturday Kids, Facebook/Our Art Studio


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