This mummy shares brilliant trick to make fussy baby drink medicine!

This mummy shares brilliant trick to make fussy baby drink medicine!

Giving medicine to babies can be tough, but one mum shares a very clever trick. Try it out, mums and dads!

We hate it when our babies fall ill for more reasons than one. Of course, no parent likes seeing their little ones suffer, but there's also the absolute agony of giving medicine to babies who just don't want it!

I remember when my kids were babies, giving them medicine when they were sick was a torturous experience. I resorted to all kinds of ridiculous tricks to try and get those meds down. Usually, the end result was:

  • Baby pursing mouth super tight 
  • Baby yelling and crying like I was trying to murder him
  • Baby shaking head furiously while yelling and crying
  • Spilling the meds
  • Vomiting the meds  

Usually, it was all of the above. 

So when I saw this clever mum's nifty trick,* I was delighted (to share it with you all) and sad (because why didn't I know about this when my boys were babies?). 

Here it is mums and dads. The life-saver you need to give babies medicine without a fuss when they are sick. 

3 easy steps to feed your baby medicine, fuss-free

UK mum Helena Lee's little bub Alfie was not well recently. In a Facebook post, she explains: 

So for the last 24hours ive struggled to get alfie to take calpol, he has ended up covered in half of it where he spits it at me......

Then i remembered seeing this trick..

Not 1 bit got wasted
 and no tears!

Step 1: Insert medicine syringe in baby's favourite teat

giving medicine to babies

Step 2: Fill with the required quantity of medicinegiving medicine to babies

Step 3: Watch baby drink meds like a champ!

This mummy shares brilliant trick to make fussy baby drink medicine!

Pretty simple, right mums and dads? Of course, this technique* would work only if your baby is used to a bottle. 

For more tips and tricks on clever ways giving medicine to babies, read this: 10 mum-tested tips to make giving medicine to your child less of a nightmare.

Do you have any tricks up your sleeve on how to make giving medicine to babies easier? Share them with us, please!

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