Elderly Couple Gets Colon Cancer After Eating Melon Seeds Every Day

Elderly Couple Gets Colon Cancer After Eating Melon Seeds Every Day

A classic example of why moderation is always key.

Too much of anything isn’t ideal, even when it comes to healthier food alternatives. Case in point: melon seeds. 

An elderly couple in Wuhan was diagnosed with colon cancer after indulging in more than 500 grams of melon seeds every day for two years. 

Elderly Couple Gets Colon Cancer

According to Oriental Daily, the couple, who are in their 60’s, noticed blood in their stools which prompted them to seek treatment at the Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

A colonoscopy later revealed that they are in their middle and late stages of colon cancer. They had no family history of bowel cancer, however.

It was said that the retirees of two years had often consumed melon seeds as a snack when watching television and playing games at home.

Turns out, the onset of colon cancer in the couple was related to poor eating habits, a doctor in the oncology department said. 

Elderly Couple Gets Colon Cancer After Eating Melon Seeds Every Day

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According to the doctor, the melon seeds sold on the market are produced with large amounts of spices, salt, and artificial sweeteners like saccharin.

He pointed out that spices used in producing these melon seeds include safrole, an organic compound, that is slightly toxic.

Although they are not harmful to the human body when consumed in small amounts, poison can build up in the body over prolonged periods of time, potentially causing intestinal and liver cancers.

Furthermore, some rotten melon seeds contain cancer-causing substances which further places one’s health in harm’s way.

Still, as compared to consuming potato chips and other unhealthy snacks, it is far preferable to consume melon seeds if taken in moderation.

Elderly Couple Gets Colon Cancer After Eating Melon Seeds Every Day

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According to the doctor, daily consumption of melon seeds can present many benefits—they are said to be an excellent source of proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids among others. 

He adds that the oil contained in melon seeds is mainly unsaturated fatty acids which can help reduce cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 

If there’s one takeaway from the elderly couple’s experience, it is to always consume anything in moderation. You don’t have to deprive yourself of your favourite snacks, but remember that anything in excess always comes at a cost. 

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