Celebrity Families And Their Spooktacular Halloween Costumes To Beat

Celebrity Families And Their Spooktacular Halloween Costumes To Beat

Join in on the Halloween spirit and get the best ideas for future costumes from these celebrities.

The excitement of picking the next best costume for the Halloween season is not lost on celebrities. 

Halloween is a holiday that gives families a chance to be fun and creative. Many celebrities give their all in putting together incredible and unique choices for not only themselves but their little ones too. Whether they go with horror or cute get-ups, you can’t help but press the like button. 

To name a few, we listed down our favourite celebrity family Halloween costumes that had us applauding and excited for the spooky holiday year-round. Take a look and you might get new ideas to make treat-or-treating twice as fun for your kids!

Fann Wong & Christopher Lee’s Family As Different Halloween Horrors

celebrity halloween costumes

Image Source: Instagram / aiainbaby

Fann Wong and her husband Christopher Lee along with their son went different creative ways for their Halloween costumes. 

The Singaporean actress dressed up as a creepy zombie-type of a queen while her son, Zed, went as a mischievous little pirate. The family posed together for a creepy photo perfect for Halloween. 

Shan Wee & Sons And Their Combo Costumes

celebrity halloween costumes

Image Source: Instagram / dadleycooper

‘Reason-to-have-kids Number 73: combo costumes.’ Shan Wee wrote on his Instagram post uploaded on December 31, 2018, showing a two-year-apart photo set of him and his son in their Halloween costumes for each respective year. 

The photo on the left shows him and son, Ciaran, who was only 2-years-old at the time dressed up as an adorable little Hobbit while Shan was formally in Gandalf’s grey robes from the popular Lord of the Rings franchise. For the photo on the right, the dad-and-son combo went as Mr Fredrickson and Russel from the Pixar film, Up, complete with the balloons and all. 

Burtka-Harris Family’s Art Gallery

celebrity halloween costumes

Image Source: Instagram / nph

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka’s family never disappoint during Halloween. This celebrity family always makes sure to stay on top during this season as they manage to pull off any theme, from bizarre to absolutely adorable! 

For 2019, Neil and David along with their two kids opened a ‘gallery’ on Instagram for Halloween as they dressed up representing different popular artists. Their daughter, Harper Grace, had a perfect portrayal of Frida Kahlo while their son, Gideon Scott, was dressed accordingly as Andy Warhol. David chose to portray Salvador Dali while Neil went as the famous Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh. 

The West Family As The Flintstones

celebrity halloween costumes

Image Source: Instagram / kimkardashian

If you figured out who the Dino is then you can go ahead and laugh at loud over the silly yet fun family costume Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went as for Halloween last 2019. 

Since the Flintstones have been a staple of families for ages now, it has been a common choice for families to go as the classic Stone Age characters. As seen on Kim’s Instagram post with Kanye and their kids, they certainly managed to pull it off and added their own unique touch to it. Plus, the Dino mascot really made it the best family picture to remember for centuries. 

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake As Lego Batman Family

celebrity halloween costumes

Image Source: Instagram / jessicabiel

For Jessica Biel’s son, it was not enough to just dress up as Batman for Halloween. The family took it to the next level by preparing human-size Lego costumes. 

Their son, Silas Randall, got to be the main hero of the night dressed up as a live-action Lego Batman. It only made sense for Justin to be his son’s sidekick as he went as Lego Robin. Jessica completed the Lego family by dressing up as a Lego Harley Quinn. Jessica’s Instagram post from 2018 shows the brick crime-fighting trio happily walking together on the street. 


John Legend’s Family As Characters From Sleeping Beauty

celebrity halloween costumes

Image Source: Instagram / johnlegend

Despite their youngest, Miles, refusing to wear his owl costume, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s children joined them for an adorable Sleeping Beauty-inspired family photo. 

Their daughter, Luna, got to be the beautiful Princess Aurora while Chrissy went into to full villain mode as the wicked witch Maleficent. John took the throne as the King and, well, as mentioned Miles would have been the owl. 

Even with the dark backdrop and the eerie spirit of Halloween, the family still smile happily in their costumes as shown on John’s Instagram post last 2019. 

Stephen Curry’s Family As Woody’s Roundup

Celebrity Families And Their Spooktacular Halloween Costumes To Beat

Image Source: Instagram / stephencurry30

The professional NBA player went to Instagram to post a picture of his family rocking outfits portraying the main characters of Toy Story for Halloween last 2019. 

Stephen Curry gave a wide smile with his Buzz Lightyear suit beside his wife and kids who were cutely dressed as Woody, Jessie and Bo Peep. From the photo Curry shared, the family seemed to have enjoyed a bright sunny day giving a totally different vibe for a supposed spooky holiday. 

Terri Kwan’s Kids Super Mario & 101 Dalmatians Characters

celebrity halloween costumes

Image Source: Instagram / kwanterri

Can’t choose the right costume? You can follow Terri Kwan’s example as she prepared multiple Halloween costumes for her children. 

For her first Halloween post, she had her sons dressed up as the Super Mario Brothers and her eldest daughter as Princess Peach to accompany the duo. The trio shows off their costumes while one of her sons has a mushroom pouch perfect for trick or treating. 

One of the other costumes she had prepared for her children was that of two fluffy Dalmatian onesies for her sons. Along with this, she had her daughter complete the group with a bewitching Cruella de Vil costume. 

Kylie Jenner’s Daughter As Herself 

Celebrity Families And Their Spooktacular Halloween Costumes To Beat

Kylie Jenner decided to give her baby daughter, Stormi, the biggest makeover for Halloween last 2019. Her post took Instagram by storm as many were both impressed and cooed at her daughter’s elegant costume.

She had Stormi dressed in an entire replica of her 2019 Met Gala look, complete with the sparkling purple gown and hairdo. With this, Kylie succeeded in creating the perfect mini version of herself. What was once a sophisticated red carpet outfit became an adorable Halloween costume for a toddler. 

Ciara’s Family As Wakandans

Celebrity Families And Their Spooktacular Halloween Costumes To Beat

Image Source: Instagram / ciara

American singer, Ciara, and her family joined in on the Black Panther craze as they dressed up as Wakandans for Halloween in her Instagram post back in 2018. 

Ciara dressed up in her own portrayal of Wakanda’s ‘Dora Milaje’ or warrior while her husband and son both went as the Black Panther. Her daughter also crouched in an adorable pose as the tough princess of Wakanda, Shuri. 

Fergie As Tinkerbell To Her Son’s Peter Pan

Celebrity Families And Their Spooktacular Halloween Costumes To Beat

Image Source: Instagram / fergie

Fergie and her son, Axl, transformed into a Never Land duo in her Instagram post back in 2017. 

The celebrity mom turned herself into the famous Disney fairy, Tinkerbell to accompany her son who dressed up as Peter Pan. The two proved that mom and son Halloween combos can be just as fun with various options. 

Your Halloween costume choices can be endless once you find different characters and ideas that you could do with your kids. If you were inspired by our list, plan your next big family costume to have an even more enjoyable and festive Halloween!


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