Guide to buying breast pumps in Singapore

Guide to buying breast pumps in Singapore

Looking for breast pumps in Singapore? We scoured the island to bring you a list of the best choices whatever your budget and purpose.

Breastfeeding is one of the best gifts a mother can give to her child, but it’s not always easy. If you find it difficult to produce plenty of milk, using a breast pump can help. If you’re planning to return to work, you will also require a breast pump so you can continue producing milk for your baby.

Figure out your needs for your breast pump

When you are looking forbreast pumps in Singapore, think about the number of times you will be using it. If you plan on utilizing the pump sparingly and only during emergencies, stick to the inexpensive manual ones.

If possible choose a breast pump that’s manufactured by a trusted brand. Branded breast pumps not only function better but have reliable product support and useful warranties included. Aside from the quality, choose a breast pump that can be easily taken apart for cleaning purposes. A clean breast pump means clean, uncontaminated breast milk.

Additional questions you need to ask yourself before buying a breast pump:

1. What stage of milk production are you at?

2 . Is it for home or work? 

3. Is weight going to be an issue?

4. Do you want a single or double breast pump?

5. Any other special issues with breastfeeding? (for example an inverted nipple etc)

What’s your budget for your breast pump?

If you have done your research, you will notice thatbreast pumps in Singapore can cost anything from $50 for a hand pump to $1,000 over for hospital-grade pump. Before you get overwhelmed set an amount that you are comfortable with spending and don’t go over budget. More expensive does not always equate to better.

Do also keep in mind that you can always buy a breast pump after baby is born as you will be using the hospital pump after delivery.

breast pumps in Singapore

There are many types ofbreast pumps in Singapore

Breast pumps in Singapore

There are essentially three types of breast pumps available in Singapore.

1. Hospital-grade 

Hospital-grade breast pumps, as the name suggests are pumps that are used in the hospital. They are more powerful than personal use pumps and are better able to extract milk from a mother’s breasts with greater efficiency and speed.  If you have to stay in hospital for longer than usual, have a preemie or your baby is in NICU, you may be required to use a hospital grade pump. You can buy or hire a hospital grade pump on a monthly basis from your hospital or online. Hospital-grade pumps used in Singapore include the Medela Symphony, Ameda Platinum and the Ardo Calypso. Hospital-grade pumps are much more expensive than personal use pumps.

2. Consumer-grade electric 

Within the consumer-grade electric breast pump category, there are single and double pumps. A double pump can pump both breasts at once, and these are often chosen by working mothers because it takes half the time of a single pump.

Electric breast pumps are favoured by working mums and mums of twins/multiples because milk extraction is effortless and fast. Although it might cost a lot more than a manual breast pump, these units compensates with its add-ons and can run on electricity or batteries.

3. Manual 

Manual pumps are ideal if you express occasionally, for the odd night out or for short periods when you are away from your baby. They tend to be very light and compact, and so easy to carry around in your bag while out and about. And of course, you do not need to worry about an electricity supply or any sound – most manual breast pumps are silent to use. Manual pumps are also substantially cheaper than electric pumps.

Only choose a manual breast pump if you have lots of time and energy to spare. Manual breast pumps tend to be slow to express milk and can get tiring after a while.You may also find that it takes some time to master the best rhythm for you.  If you have twins or multiples, choose a breast pump with more power.

Types of breastpump Use case Brands Pricing
Hospital-grade - Longer than usual stay in hospital
- Premature baby
- Baby in NICU
Medela Symphony, Ameda Platinum, Ardo Calypso. $400 - $500 per month
Consumer-grade electric - Working mums
- Frequent traveller
- Gave birth to twins
- Pumping is primary method of breastfeeding
Medela Freestyle, Spectra S1, Philips Avent Double Electric $200 - $800
Manual - Stay at home mum
- Will only pump once a day
- Extra time and energy to spare.
- A smaller budget.
Philips Avent Manual, Lansinoh Manual, Ameda One-Hand Manual with Flexishield $50 up

Brands ofbreast pumps in Singapore

The following are brands and breast pump models that are popular among breastfeeding mums in Singapore, (based on over 500 user feedback on our breastfeeding mums support group)

Top 3 brands for breast pumps used by Singaporean mums

  • Avent
  • Medela
  • Unimom

Other breast pump brands used by Singaporean mums

  • Ameda
  • Ardo
  • Freemies
  • Hygeia
  • Lacte
  • Pigeon
  • Spectra
  • Tommee Tippee

Best places to buy an electric breast pump in Singapore

In our quest to index the popularbreast pumps in Singapore, we checked out Mothercare, Kiddy Palace, Kulily, Lazada, Pupsik Studio and Spectrababy Online. There are huge price differences for the same exact pump depending on where you buy it from. Generally the online stores are better priced as some of these products are imported from other markets like the US or Korea. Prices are accurate as of December 2015.

ARDO Calypso-To-Go 

Ardo is unique in that is has a vaccuum sealed technology preventing any milk remains in tubes or the pump and thus reducing risk of contamination. It also has far more settings than your average pump with 64 combinations for adjustment of speed and suction power, allowing for far more sensitive adjustments that best mimic your baby’s suction pattern. Calypso also claims its the quietest pump on the market, and it conveniently comes with breast shields of three different sizes for maximum comfort. Additionally The to-Go model has a massage insert to stimulate milk ducts and maximise expression.

$399 –

Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort(2015 version)

Avent’s most comfortable breast pump. This petite, three setting double pump allows you to sit back comfortably and not have to lean forward.

$439 – Pupsik Studio (Imported from the US)
$499 – Kulily (Imported from the US – use this discount code for a $10 off every $100 spent coupon for first time users)
$779- Mothercare

Philip’s Avent electric

Single electric pump that is designed for comfort with a unique active massage cushion.

$229 – Kulily
$229 – Pupsik Studio
$229 – Mothercare

Pigeon Electric Pro

Single electric light weight breast pump  with a silent motor (only 58 decibels) for mothers with babies with very light sleepers or who want to pump at night when hubby is fast asleep.

Mums say: “I used the Pigeon silent electric pump because my baby had trouble latching and my nipples were initially inverted. It’s really quiet, so is great for when baby is fast asleep. I use it at home to express my milk because it is not as portable as a manual pump. It has done wonders for my milk production,” Mdm Ng, 32, a mum of a 14-month-old daughter


$249 – Kulily
$279 – Baby Kingdom

Freemie Freedom

Allows you to pump the breastmilk absolutely handsfree directly to the collection cups hidden inside your bra! This is great for mums who are constantly on the go.

Mums share: “My job requires me to constantly be commuting and flying, so the Freemie is a great product for me. I use it when I am driving to work and in flights. If you also have to pump at your desk, the Freemie is good. However, I don’t use it exclusively as it does not empty the breast as well. In addition, the material is not transparent, so you can’t see let-down. Getting spare parts locally for Freemie is also a challenge,” Mdm Tan, 33, mum of 8 month old

$299 – Pupsik studio
$299 – Kulily (Free one Autumnz posh cooler bag. Use this discount code for a $10 off every $100 spent coupon for first time users)


Medela freestyle

Handsfree, dual electric breastpump. By far the most popular breast pump in Singapore. Features a rechargeable battery and lightweight motor. The backlit digital display, timer, and memory button helps you personalize and control your pump sessions. Weighs only 400  grams.

Mum’s say: “As a working mum I needed to pump at work. I love it for how tiny the Medela Freestyle is (fits in the palms of your hand) and it is extremely durable,” Mrs Lin, 35, mum of three



$609 – Kulily
$699 – Kiddypalace
$759 – Pupsik Studio (Promotion bundle deal – Freestyle pump also comes with a handsfree kit, Medela disposable nursing pads and a Rycom Thermometer)
$799 – Mothercare

Medela pump in style advanced (PISA)

Dual electric breast pump. Do note that the Medela PISA is discontinued in Singapore and no longer sold in stores. It can still be bought online.

Mum’s say: “The Medela PISA is strong and durable, one of the better pumps out there. The cons are price tag, bulky, heavy and noisy,” Mrs Munira Alsagoff, 36

$399 – Kulily
$489 – Kulily (With backpack)
$509 – Bling Bling Store  (With backpack)

Medela Swing Maxi

Compact double electric breast pump. Same tiny size as the Medela Swing, but is a double pump! Can also be battery operated. Weighs 650 grams.

Mum’s say: “The Medela Swing  pump served me well even though it was pricey. My only gripe is that it is really noisy, which made it difficult to express my milk at work. I also heard that the Freestyle has a better suction force vs the Swing maxi, but I have not personally verified this,” Mrs Fiza, 33, mum of two

$549 – Pupsik Studio ( Price for pump, Harmony, 3 Storage Bottles, Disposable Nursing Bra Pad and 1 Okiedog Metro Mondrian)

Spectra S1 Double breast pump 

The Spectra S1 is the most advanced of all Spectra pumps. It’s a hospital grade pump, so suction is great. It also offers a massage mode, besides the pumping mode, to stimulate the milk production.  The pump weighs 1.2 kg

Mum’s say: “I am a working mum and require a light weight double pump. I was debating between the Spectra and the Medela. I went with the Spectra as it is cheaper and suction is really strong and makes less noise than the Medela. However it is not as durable as the Medela. My colleagues Spectra died after 8 months of use and I constantly had problems with the valves and membranes.” Mrs Susanne Ong, 31, mum of a six-month-old

$224.48 – (exported from Korea)
$379 – Pupsik Studio
$379 – Kulily (Use this discount code for a $10 off every $100 spent coupon for first time users)
$379 – Spectrababy online

Spectra S2 Double Breast Pump

One great thing about this product(like the S1) is it come with a built in battery, so mums do not have to worry about not having power plug. The pump weighs 1 kg.

$164 – (export)
$333 – Pupsik Studio
$333 – Kulily
$333 – Spectrababy online

Spectra S9+

The most affordable of all the spectra double pumps. Unlike the S1 and S2, the S9 does not come with inbuilt battery, or a night light and is graded personal use and not hospital use.Weighs only 300 grams!

$124.90 – (export)
$299 – Mothercare (on offer till Dec 20th)
$299 – Spectrababy online 
$299 – Pupsik Studio 

Name of pump Features Where to buy Price Extra notes
Medela freestyle - Dual electric.
- Weighs 400 grams
Mothercare, Kiddy Palace, Kulily, Pupsik Studio $519 - $799 Most popular breast pump in Singapore
Medela pump in style advanced (PISA) - Dual electric.
- Weighs 1.6kg
Kulily, Bling Bling Store $329 - $439 Discontinued in Singapore
Medela Swing Maxi - Dual electric.
- Weighs 650 grams
Pupsik Studio $539 Same size as Medela Swing, but is a double pump
Spectra S1 - Dual electric.
- Hospital grade.
- Weighs 1.2 kg
Spectrababy online, Kulily, Pupsik Studio, $224.48 - $379 Highly recommended by Breastfeeding mums in Singapore
Spectra S2 - Dual electric.
- Hospital grade.
- Weighs 1 kg
Spectrababy online, Kulily, Pupsik Studio, $164-$333
Spectra S9+ - Dual electric.
- Weighs 300 grams
Spectrababy online, Kulily, Pupsik Studio, $125-299 Branded personal use and not hospital use
Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort - Dual electric.
- Sit back comfortably and not have to lean forward.
- Weighs 1.49 kg
Mothercare, Kulily, Pupsik Studio $439 - $799
Ameda Lactaline (Purely Yours) - Dual Electric.
- Weighs 2 kg
Pupsik Studio, Lazada $299 Uses the same hospital-grade technology as the Ameda Elite
Unimom Forte - Dual Electric.
- Weighs 1.75kg
Pupsik Studio $199 quiet, hospital level strength of pumping
ARDO Calypso-To-Go - Dual Electric.
- Quietest breast pump on the market.
- Vacuum sealed technology means milk cannot be contaminated.
- Weighs 3.6 kg
Lazada $399 Includes 3 different sizes of breast shells so mothers can find the right size to suit her nipple.
Freemie Freedom - Dual Electric.
- Pumps handsfree directly to the collection cups hidden inside your bra
- Weighs 1.5kg
Pupsik Studio, Kulily $299 Cups are not compatible with Medela Freestyle, Pigeon or Ardo pumps.
Pigeon Electric Pro - Single electric pump.
- Weighs 350g
Baby Kingdom, Kulily $249 - $279
Philip's Avent Electric - Single electric pump.
- Designed for comfort.
- Weighs 450g
Mothercare, Kulily, Pupsik Studio $229 - $309

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Need Help? Don’t fret!

When in doubt, please refer to a lactation consultant, who can offer you more personalised advice according to you and your baby’s situation.

theAsianparent also has a Singapore Breastfeeding Mums Support Group that you can join for mum-to-mum advice.
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