'A good father but not a good husband': Taiwanese Host Jacky Wu Opens Up About His Marriage

'A good father but not a good husband': Taiwanese Host Jacky Wu Opens Up About His Marriage

In their 30 years of marriage, Jacky said his wife has silently stood by him and brought up their four kids without complaint.

For one, Taiwanese variety show host and dad Jacky Wu is known to be fiercely protective of his children such that he lied about being married with kids for a decade until forced to confess to the truth. 

Even after going public about his marriage with artist Chang Wei-wei, the 58-year-old continues to keep their children away from the public’s eye. He avoids showing their photos on social media—apart from his daughter Sandy who has also joined showbiz. 

The couple who has been married for 30 years have three daughters, Sandy, 30, Vivian, 28, Olivia, 25, and one son Rick, 22.

'A good father but not a good husband': Taiwanese Host Jacky Wu Opens Up About His Marriage

Image source: Youtube screengrab

The variety show host, who is well-known for his quick-witted humour and open-fire talks is filled with pride when he talks about his children but not the same is said when it comes to his wife. 

In a TV programme Lighten Up Taiwan (台湾亮起来), Jacky recently revealed that he rarely mentions her in public and that he thinks he is not a good husband. 

Jacky confessed that he was still not very popular when he got married and had children. As a greenhorn in variety shows, he spent a large part of his time forging a career and had little time for his wife.

“Because a good husband needs to accompany [his wife]. The biggest accompaniment I have given to my family is the kids, [and watching] their growth,” he explained.

Taiwanese Host Jacky Wu

Taiwanese Host Jacky Wu and his daughter Sandy, who also joined showbiz. Image source: Youtube screengrab

He adds: “I love children too much, and I think I definitely would not be a good husband. But I’ve never seen a father that is better than me”.

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According to Jacky, his wife Chang, silently stood by him and brought up their four children without complaint. “She is very noble,” says Jacky.

The last straw for Chang, however, was when she could no longer tolerate the pain from the last chemotherapy procedure she had to undergo due to her cancer. 

“She was more upset than dying itself, and did not want to continue with the treatment,” lamented Jacky. 

To persuade his wife to go to the hospital for treatment, Jacky said he had to accede to three conditions she presented him with.

The first request was for him to become a Christian in which he promised to do so.

“I agreed to the first request immediately, which was something that I could never agree to previously,” said Jacky when Chang asked about the other two requests.

“I have promised you numerous wishes before, so the second and third requests are nothing.”

Ultimately, Jacky expressed that every family has its own problems.

“Being able to give each other more concern, and whatever we can give, we should do so to the best of our ability,” he said.  

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