10-year-old good Samaritan makes blankets for sick kids

10-year-old good Samaritan makes blankets for sick kids

Kwentin Foster brings more warmth to the season through his handmade blankets for children in need.

We can learn a thing or two about the true meaning of Christmas from Kwentin Foster who, at 10-years-old, can teach most adults about the spirit of giving this holiday season.

Working with other foundations such as the Ronald McDonald House, Women and Children's Hospital, and Make-A-Wish foundation, among others, Kwentin has brought warmth and comfort to hundreds of sick and less fortunate children all over Western New York.

The little Samaritan, with the help of his family, creates blankets for children, and he puts his personal touch on each by finishing the fringe design.

"I just wanted to make kids feel better... If I was sick, I would like to have a blanket to comfort me," he explained in a previous interview.


Two years, Hundreds of blankets

Since 2013, he has made hundreds of blankets, and he is able to continue his charitable effort through the help of family and other kindhearted individuals.

To help fund his growing pet project, Kwentin and his mother, Adrian, collect cans and other donations to buy fabric for the fleece blankets.

Undoubtedly, Kwentin has brought hundreds of smiles to children's faces, and this year, he will be making more people happy (and not just kids) as he extends his "small act of kindness" to the homeless.

Both he and his family are proud that they've been able to meet their goal of producing 400 blankets this year. But next year, the challenge will be even bigger.

For more updates on the amazing story of this little boy, visit Kwentin's Blankets for Sick Kids.

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